Who is Velvet?

A little about your host...

Velvet is a woman just entering her 50’s based in the UK. She discovered BDSM 20 years ago but only became active around 5 years ago. Velvet has been in a commited relationship with her partner and soulmate “M” for over three years. She met  “M” online and after a very hot and passionate affair “M” moved in with Velvet.  The passion continues both with each other and occasionally with others when the opportunity arises. Velvet is predominately submissive when playing with “M” (bedroom only) but will switch occasionally with him as well as others that fit her bill at the time. She submits only to “M” and only to others with his permission. Velvet NEVER plays without “M” her partner and soulmate present.

Velvet’s Blog

Velvet has previously run a successful erotic blog under the pseudonym “Kinky Mia”.  Velvet revealed this in the post Confession if you wish to read a little more.

This new blog will be an attempt to write about some of Velvet’s BDSM playtimes as well as erotic stories (fiction), poetry and photography as she moves into her 50’s and what she feels to be a new phase of her life.

(edited 17.04.2016)

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