I absolutely fucking love to watch!  Yes I am a voyeur!

I’ve always been a people watcher.  I think I picked up this trait from my mother as she is exactly the same, whether she is into watching people having sex I have no idea but I do know she is not adverse to reading some sexy books and I, as an 11 year old, watched the TV Series I, Claudius with her and there was quite a bit of naughtiness in that I can tell you!   I am so grateful that my mother was sexually open minded during my growing up and she still is very much so now (I’m still not going to tell her about this blog though)!

So back to me watching others.  My favourite, I have to say, is when we have played with others.  We are both bisexual and I have watched him playing with both men and women and I love to watch him.  Seeing his cock deep into another woman and enjoying her as well as watching him playing with another man which, for me, is just as much of a turn on as watching him with another woman.   When we have played with others I often have my camera around and will likely be clicking pictures off with very wet panties!

Looking through the lens of a camera whilst watching others play is a bit like peeping through a keyhole and watching.  You can almost detach and be looking in from the outside a bit like a peeping tom and I quite like that dynamic.

The other way that I like to watch is to see myself in a mirror being fucked.  This is a huge turn on for me.  I love to see him fucking me and see how his body moves as he enjoys me.  As I cum it is wonderful then to see how I buck and move as my body takes over and just reacts.

I have never been to a club or swingers party and it is unlikely that I will do so as neither of us are what you might call “party people” but I do know that I would love to watch others playing with each other and enjoying each other’s bodies.  Still you never know we may end up at something like this one day, just to watch!

Yep, I am definitely a voyeur I love to watch, be it people in every day life and most definitely people in sexual encounters certainly gets my panties wet!


KOTW - Helmut Newton Study on Voyeurism

Helmut Newton Study on Voyeurism – Photo : Source


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  1. Conall Harrison

    That is really so cool….. I really like this post very much and the shared photo is really looking hot and sexy.

  2. John Brownstone

    I am a watcher as well, while we have yet to go to a swingers club we have both been to several Dungeons. Myself I had been going before I met Kayla and enjoyed watching others while they did scenes. I find it is the energy I like especially if the ones playing have a true connection. It has been said that we give off good energy when we play which is nice to know we can give back as well.
    John Brownstone recently posted…Life 101 ver. 2.0My Profile

  3. SassyCat

    I also love watching others. It’s gets me wound up so fast. I don’t like being watched, so uncomfortable for me. I don’t think I could watch my beloved with another woman, but another man…well. However, my beloved is TOO VANILLA! I also joke with my friend when he hits on women at the bar…”Can I watch? Record video?” joking but not really. Great catch up with KOTW.
    SassyCat recently posted…Goals [A to Z Challenges, WW]My Profile


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