The Life Changer – Part 1

An unsatisfactory marriage and sexually frustrated he strayed a number of times over.  Looking for a temporary escape from his unhappy home life.

He never considered leaving his wife but was just looking for way to get the sexual needs that nagged at him and had done all his life.

The first time he had a sexual encounter outside his marrige he felt an enormous amount of guilt at what he had done but as time went on and the marriage deterioted he started to feel nothing at all.

As time went on he went looking for kinkier women.  Women who were into some of the things he was, BDSM, D/s and watersports etc.

He joined a number of sites specialising in these areas.  He would also go to some of the camming websites to watch women playing with themselves whilst he wanked the cock that his wife seemed to have little interest in.

He came across a profile on one of the BDSM dating sites he was a member of.  This profile piqued his interest.  A older single woman looking for a Dominate male to introduce her to BDSM.

He very much liked the sound of this person, the profile came across as honest and down to earth.  Many of the profiles on these sites were of younger women looking for a “sugar daddy” or wanting money before they would meet etc.  This he was not interested in.

He sent her a message and waited.

A few days later a message came back and he was pleasantly surprised by her positive response.  It seemed that she had been in correspondence with a number of experienced dominate males and he wondered if he would “fit the bill”.

After several messages back a forth a meeting was arranged, just a plantonic meeting, a drink and a chat to see if they “clicked”.

He arrived at the pub carpark they had agreed upon and waited leaning against the bonnet of his car.  She had told him she had a little blue car and he saw a blue car pull into the carpark.  It parked up just across from him and she got out the car.

He was stunned as she walked across the carpark, tall, dark-haired with a lovely smile, as she moved towards him.  His immediate thought was “that’s it, too good for me, she won’t be interested in me”.  He fully expected her to be polite have a drink say goodbye and not hear from her again.

The meeting seemed to go well, they talked about all sorts of things.  The pub was closing so they went back to his car and continued their talk.  After about 20 more minutes she indicated that she had an appointment to go to. He also had to get back to work and so their time was coming to an end.  This saddened him as he liked her and he was sure that she would not be interested in him, she just seemed so perfect and he was never that lucky.

Unexpectedly, she asked him if he would like her to say goodbye “properly”

“What do you mean, “properly””

She smiled, “Undo your trousers and I’ll show you”

He couldn’t believe this was happening, he undid his trousers and she wrapped her mouth around his hard cock, she had turned him on just by being in her presence, she worked his cock in her mouth taking it right to the back of her throat and she was thoroughly enjoying it.  He sat anxiously looking around in case anyone was around them and could see what was happening, but she was totally uninhibited and bobbed up and down drawing pre-cum from his cock and illiciting the most delicious sensations from his body.

A couple of minutes later she looked up at him and asked if he enjoyed her “goodbye”.  She grinned and said that she had better go or she would be late, “chat online later” she asked.  Absolutely he was going to fucking chat later, she had him smitten, but would she agree to meet again?Life Changer ww145

Later that evening he got himself away from his wife and her insessant nagging and headed into his office and his computer.  Logging on to his messenger service he hoped that she would come online.  After about half an hour she appeared on line and made contact.

“Would you like to meet me again?” she asked

The woman of his dreams just walked into his life and would change his life forever…


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  1. Marie Rebelle

    That’s quite a way to say goodbye! I’m looking forward to see what else she has in stall for him 😉

    Rebel xox
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