The Glass Perspective

“My site collapsed today.  This post was recovered in a “Draft” state from my backups, so sadly all comments posted were lost.  I repost it again hopefully as accurately as possible to the original” 


Dildos – I absolutely hated the things, rubber, jelly, hard, soft they did absolutely nothing for me whatsoever.

A few years ago a REVELATION my first glass dildo came into my life!


KOTW & WW150 - Dildos


The way the hardness of the glass hits my G-Spot in just the right way to make my cunt turn into a waterfall.  The variations of temperature that you can achieve with glass is sublime.  From a purely carnal point of view I love them!

The other way that I love a glass dildo is from my photography viewpoint.  Glass is simple beautiful to photograph.  The way that you can gain reflections within the glass, the colours, the shapes they are just a joy to experiment with my camera.


KOTW & WW150 - Dildos-2

Love the glass!!




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  1. Simina

    I’ve always thought glass dildos were so pretty, but I’ve never actually bought one. I have a bit of a tightness problem, so I tend to buy things that vibrate because they make for easier going. My only real dislike of dildos is because I’m short and lazy, so trying to move them myself makes my arm or hand hurt after a little bit. XD
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