“Growing Older” the prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday.

This year I will be 51.  I don’t see myself as “growing older” the way I see it I am “progressing” in my life, learning and experiencing every day.  Sometimes those days are good and sometimes they are not so good but whatever happens each day is a progression.

Yes I am experiencing peri-menopause and all the uncomfortable side effects, but the end result is something that I am very much looking forward to, freedom from my period, freedom from worrying about contraception, freedom to explore more etc.  Some feel that they are in some way losing their femininity but I don’t see it that way, I am a woman and will always be a woman, I will just be at a different and new stage of my womanhood and that is exciting and something to look forward to.

Arthritis – Yes I’ve got that too!  Today has been a particularly painful day for my knees in particular.  Most of the women in my family suffer to some degree with arthritis and I am no exception.  Losing weight for me this year is something that is very important to try and achieve so that I can help protect and take the pressure off my poorly joints.  Just as important is keeping up with my yoga practice to keep my body moving and as well oiled as it can be so that I can enjoy lots more fun as I progress in my years!

Growing older or our progression in life is inevitable, personally I want to grab hold of it and get as much done as I can during the second half of my time in this world.

I want to experience new things, live life to the full and have lots of fun, lots of sexy fun!!!


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  1. f dot leonora

    the longer you are on the earth, the longer you have time for miracles and discoveries…

  2. Marie Rebelle

    Progressing… a much more positive way to look at getting older. I also like your view on menopause and what lies beyond. It’s always better to approach things with a positive attitude, right?

    Rebel xox

    PS: Would you like to share your experiences with peri-menopause and menopause for The Menopause Diaries? See

    • Velvet

      Rebel, I have added the three posts that I have done so far relating to Peri-Menopause/Menopause to The Menopause Diaries 🙂

      Velvet x
      Velvet recently posted…ProgressionMy Profile
      Velvet recently posted…ProgressionMy Profile

      • Marie Rebelle

        Hi hun, sorry, I have only just discovered this comment and that you have linked the posts. Can you still put the Menopause Diaries button on the posts? Thank you 🙂 xox
        Marie Rebelle recently posted…The MeetingMy Profile


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