One Amazing Night

A few years back M and I got together with a young lady whom I shall call L.

She was a little younger than us and had just recently come out of a long-term lesbian relationship.  We chatted via skype for a while and decided that we would all like to meet up.  She had not been with a man for many years and was eager to experience that again.

The evening arrived and so did L.  We chatted for a while and then took ourselves off to our bedroom.  The next few hours were filled with a wonderful mixture of flogging, licking, sucking, fucking, laughter and fun.

M’s lasting memory of the evening was laying on his back with myself and L sucking his cock and balls, then L and I kissed.  M said afterward that it was the most erotic thing that he had ever experienced, watching two sexy women kissing each other behind his very erect cock that they had just been sucking.

My lasting memory of the evening was laying next to L whilst M fucked her, the first time a man had come anywhere near her for over 10 years.  Listening to her breathing as she climaxed and moaned, stroking her hair and sucking and nipping at her nipple whilst M slid in and out of her.  Afterwards she cried as the sensations overwhelmed her.

It was the most wonderful evening and although we hoped it would be repeated sadly it was not to be.  A few weeks later L got in touch with us to say that she was getting together with another lady friend and that she did not want to  jeopardise this new relationship by complicating it with us.  It was a shame as she was absolutely perfect for us and we both felt that we could have potentially formed a lasting relationship with her.

Some you win and some you lose but at the end of the day we will always have each other and killer kinky heels!

WW193 - One Amazing Night



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Velvet will share her stories, both autobiographical and fictional together with poetry, when the inspiration takes her, as well as some of her photography.
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  1. LordRaven

    at least you all have that wonderful evening together. It woulds like a great time

  2. Modesty Ablaze

    Lovely post . . . and oh those shoes!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Marie Rebelle

    Sounds like it was an amazing evening. Such a pity it ended so soon!

    Rebel xox


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