My Stress Reliever

My life at times can be challenging and stressful (which is the case for many of us I am sure)!

One of my stress relievers is a hot bubble bath but sometimes that is not enough and the only thing that will do is a leather-tailed flogger that we own, imported from the US.

We purchased this flogger around a year ago and it has the most wonderful hard and thuddy feel, which is exactly what I need at times.  When it is used with light and gentle strokes it almost tickles, when it is used with intention it can nearly take the wind out of me.

As the intensity is gradually increased I feel my body melt into the bed (I usually lie on the bed).  Especially when used across my upper back and shoulders where I hold a lot of my tension.

When the tails strike my (rather large) backside the muscles will often initally “fight back” but after a few strikes those muscles relax into the flogger and give in.

When the intensity is at it’s peak heat moves through the muscles as the tails make contact with flesh harder and harder, this is when total surrender happens for me, at this point all I know is the heat, the strike of the tails melting into my body draining all tension, I hear His breathing as He exerts Himself to get the maximum power He can behind each strike.  He continues, for how long I never quite know,  eventually the impact reduces intensity until the tails are trickled down my back a few times before His hand gently moves over the areas of flesh the flogger has kissed soothing the heated skin.

A blanket is placed over me, covering my body completely and I am left to lie quietly for a few minutes.  After a while I start to fidget and I am ready to move again.  He is there with a cool drink and helps me to sit up keeping the blanket wrapped around me to keep me warm.  I drink and all stress is gone.

It is the best cure for stress and tension for me and it works every single time.


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  1. Simina

    I find flogging to be an immense stress reliever as well. I have a flogger that looks similar to yours. It’s from It has suede and fur falls. Flogging is great for relieving headaches and anxiety as well. I have pretty bad social anxiety, but flogging calms me down a lot. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good flogging. I miss it.
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