My Occasional Friends

My occasional friends, shoes, or should I say, shoes with heels.  I love them I love the athestics of heeled shoes and I love how they make me feel.  I am tall 5′ 8″, put me in heels and I can reach 6′ tall without any problem, BUT (yes it’s a big “but”) nowadays I cannot wear them for long – sad face!

In my teens and 20’s I would wear them constantly a minimum of 3″, higher if possible.  I lived in them for work, going out nearly everything (horses excepted, you cannot really teeter about on heels safely around equines!) I loved my heels.

My feet suffered for my heels, they are very wide and back 30+ years ago you could not really get wide fit heeled shoes (difficult still but they are more readily available now), as a result my feet had the most horrendous corns and hard skin from squeezing them into shoes that were far too narrow.  By the time I reached my late 20’s I pretty much had to stop regularly wearing heels my feet could not cope with heels on a regular basis.

Nowadays my nemesis to wearing my heels is arthritis, middle-age, family history and a horse years ago nearly kicking a kneecap off have combined to give me arthritis in my knees (amongst other joints)!  A height of around 2″ with a wide fit is possible for a few hours but any higher and they are really only for bedroom fun.

So here are some of my lovely heeled shoes that I now wear in the bedroom.  I will spare you seeing my regular shoes which are really not sexy at all!  You would be more likely to see your granny wearing them!

Here’s the shoe porn…


(ps. if you remember me from a previous sex blogging incarnation you may recall several of these images!)


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  1. Molly

    Those killer heels are fab


  2. India Reid

    Gorgeous heels– and you’ve got the loveliest legs to match, darlin’! xx

  3. Delilah Night

    Heels are now sadly only a thing of the bedroom. I have no idea how I wore spiky heels and boots in my 20’s. But with my 30’s, children, and back surgery–they have left my daily rotation.

  4. Dawn

    I’m a bedroom only heels girl too. I’d love to be able to wear them more. Your collection is gorgeous 🙂
    Dawn recently posted…Wednesday Take 2My Profile

  5. Modesty Ablaze

    I know what you mean about bedroom wear! Your collection is wonderful though . . . I LOVE those Killer Heels . . . so envious!!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Flip

    Oh man, you have some gorgeous shoes! And those kinky boots….they are gorgeous!

    I go arse over tit if I wear high heels, but it doesn’t mean I can’t try lol


  7. Marie Rebelle

    It’s a pity that you cannot wear your high heels as much as you want to anymore. Ever since I hurt my ankle, I have to be careful with high heels too.

    Nice images!

    Rebel xox


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