List Your Kinks – 30 Days Of Kink Day 2

Kinks – the things that turn me on, make me wet, make me growl in anticipation of what is to come (or cum).  They don’t have to be there to get me turned on that, to me, would be a fetish.   Kinks to me are something that heighten or enhance a sexual act or suggestion.

So what are my kinks, what gets me going?  Here is my current list of kinks, they are continually changing and refining so this is how there are at this moment in time

  • Anal – I love all sorts of anal play
  • Fisting – Vaginal is my favourite but I also occasionally indulge in anal fisting
  • Glass Dildos – ever since they arrived in my life a few years ago they are definitely a kink both for play and for their aesthetics
  • Flogging – I absolutely adore flogging, it takes me to sub-space the fastest, relaxes me, and is my go to kink for just about anything
  • Spanking – I like to be spanked when being fucked, it takes me to an orgasm quite quickly!
  • Sucking M’s cock – he has just the sexiest cock to play with and it stays hard after it has cum!  Wonderful!
  • Erotic art – be it photos, drawings, paintings or sculptures, modern or classic I love erotic art in its many and varied forms
  • Erotic literature – I love to read about sex
  • Watersports – yep I enjoy to be pee’d on and to pee on from time to time
  • Submitting to M – he makes me feel safe, wanted and a woman no matter how I might see or feel about myself, when I submit to him he makes me feel whole

That just about covers my kinks, as they stand at the moment.

Glass Dildo - 30 DOK Day 2

One of my favourite glass dildos!



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A sexually liberated woman entering her 50's, sharing her new life as she transitions into middle-age.
Velvet will share her stories, both autobiographical and fictional together with poetry, when the inspiration takes her, as well as some of her photography.
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