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I have been really busy the last few days organising my self-hosted blog and it is nearly there!

The plan is to transfer from here on wordpress.com over to my new blog on Friday.

The framework is now largely in place and it is just the content to be moved over to the new site and all will be ready to go!

I do hope that those of you who have followed me here for the short time that I have been on wordpress.com will visit me at my new home on the web!

Details of new home to follow soon.

Not long now…. 🙂



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A sexually liberated woman entering her 50's, sharing her new life as she transitions into middle-age.
Velvet will share her stories, both autobiographical and fictional together with poetry, when the inspiration takes her, as well as some of her photography.
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  1. jakebutler67

    Gotta love WordPress (even I can figure it out!) 😉

    • Velvet Rose

      Self-hosting on WordPress.org is just as easy and you can create your site however you want it to be with a bit of coding knowledge. Its definintely worth considering sooner rather than later.

      Velvet x

  2. SassyCat

    You’ll like it so much more than plain ol’ WordPress.com


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