A Taste For Gold

For many years the idea of watersports, golden showers or whatever else you like to call them was a complete turn-off for me.  I could not see the appeal of having someone pee on me or indeed to pee on someone else.   I would watch, in the early days, porn videos and later on DVD and the internet (usually) men peeing on women and into their mouths, it did absolutely nothing for me.

My ex-husband one day asked if he could pee inside me.  We got into the shower he put his cock in my pussy and after a while pee’d, it didn’t really do anything for me but he seemed to enjoy it! We tried it again several more times, he definitely enjoyed it more than I did.

After separating from my ex I started to dabble in BDSM and D/s and met a few men some of whom were into watersports.

One in particular was really keen to pee on me, I wasn’t sure but decided to give it a try.  We headed into his shower (he had a lovely flat with a very big shower with lots of space) I knelt on the floor of the shower and after a while he started to spray over my body with his piss.  It felt warm.  I started to rub my hands over where he had sprayed me and it felt almost like a moisturiser on my skin.  He asked if he could spray into my mouth, I hesitated, but nodded in agreement and asked him to go steady.  I braced the back of my throat so that I did not swallow any, that was something that I was not ready for.  He carefully sprayed into my mouth, I dipped my head to tip the liquid from my mouth and have a spit but was still able to taste his pee and it wasn’t too bad, a bit bitter, but ok.

After that first experience, which I found to be pleasurable, I was open to maybe trying some more – but slowly.  This same chap and I continued to play in his (lovely large) shower, sometimes he would pee on me, sometimes I would pee on him, the more I tried it the more I found I enjoyed it.

When I met M this is something that he is very much into.  Within a quite a short time we were in my bath (sadly not so much space as in the other chap’s shower) merrily peeing over each other.  I was still not too keen on having it in my mouth much and certainly not swallowing at that point!

One evening M had me cuffed to a chair with a ring gag holding my mouth open and a blindfold covering my eyes.  He then proceeded to “threaten” me with forcing me to drink his piss.  I am shaking my head vigourously, he is laughing.  I hear what sounds like fluid going into a glass.  The glass is wafted under my nose and I smell his pee.  “Right I am going to just put a small amount of my pee in your mouth and you are going to swallow it” I shake my head “but you said you wanted to push this limit and tonight is the night” he reminded me.  In my head I am swearing at myself, I did say this a while before and I had forgotten about it – bugger he hadn’t!

The glass comes back into my vicinity “here we go, just a small amount”.  A teaspoonful of his piss is placed in my mouth, I am just about able to swallow with the ring gag in place, down it goes.  I splutter and start to cough, he removes the gag and checks I’m ok, which I am, I think it was just the shock that I had actually done it.  He says for me to try again without the gag and again places a small amount in my mouth with the teaspoon.  This goes down better having done it before.

Since then we have played and he has pissed in my mouth and I have swallowed some but it is not something that I would actively drink down “straight from the tap” but I don’t mind taking a small amount.

M also really enjoys me peeing on him as well, he is similar to me in that he’s not keen on drinking down too much in one go.  He is also keen to be pee’d on by myself and another woman at the same time, this is one of his fantasies that one day we hope to fulfil.

For us it is really a case of enjoying the moment and doing whatever we feel comfortable with when we play.

I’m not really into toilet training, wetting myself and wet panties etc. but it is not something that I would entirely rule out in the right circumstances.

Diaper play is a definite no no –  not remotely interested in that at all.

So after watersports being a complete no go area, here I am with an enjoyment of being pee’d on and peeing on others, as well as not minding a small taste of the golden stuff…

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  1. sub-Bee

    It really is surprising how we can change our minds. I’m fairly sure that won’t be the case for either of us but never say never!
    sub-Bee recently posted…Made for youMy Profile

  2. Julie

    Like tori I am glad I joined in with kink of the week as I have found your blog. A great perspective on this particular kink and how sometimes we just have to let those boundaries be pushed. Of course, it helps when you have no choice in the matter 🙂

  3. Flip

    Is it weird that I find other’s fascination, and participation in, watersports arousing, but have absolutely no inclination to do myself?
    For me, I can imagine what it would be like to be peed on, in a BDSM/humilation setting, and I enjoy that….butt o actually have it done to me, no thanks.

    I really enjoyed this post, I love reading of others experiences

    Flip xx
    Flip recently posted…UnderstandingMy Profile

  4. Cammies on the Floor

    I really enjoy reading about the exploration of new kinks, thank you for sharing your journey

  5. Modesty Ablaze

    I have to say that I enjoy the “giving” more than the “receiving” . . . but trying new things with lovers you feel you can let yourself go with is always fun!!!
    Xxx – K
    Modesty Ablaze recently posted…An acquired taste @ #wickedwednesdayMy Profile

  6. Marie Rebelle

    I can safely say that ‘watersports’ is not on our list of kinks and it’s a area we will not explore. That said, I love to read about how others expand their boundaries and start to enjoy things they have never enjoyed before. And you have a great way of telling it!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…Y is for YoghurtMy Profile

  7. tori

    Having not done Kink of the Week before, im glad i have, as im discovering new blogs!

    I loved that scene you described of being tied to the chair, that was very hot….and has given me ideas lol

    Im with you on the diapers…..not my thing at all, but then we cant all be the same, im not too keen on the idea of wetting myself either but its something i know my Master would like…goodness knows how i have avoided it so far.

    I agree with what you said about just letting it happen in the moment, and what lovely moments they can be.


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