50 Shades Of Grey – A Personal View

I went to see the film “50 Shades of Grey”  the other day, having only recently read the books.

If I go to see a film based on a novel then I like to read the book first (one of my funny quirks).

I was pleasantly surprised reading the books in that, although the “issues” behind the character of Christian Grey were somewhat cliché, and in a way that I felt was not necessary and could have been dealt with in a more balanced manner, the character of Anastasia Steele was far too naive and innocent for an educated young woman in this day and age, irrespective of the fact that she is a virgin!

Then we come to the film.

From a cinematic point of view lovely locations (although as I understand, from other reviews I have read, not strictly where they are purported to be) and the sets are beautiful.

The actors themselves also are beautiful looking, which is fair enough, put someone my size on the big screen in Ana’s role and the box office takings definitely would struggle – lol!!

Where I feel the film lacked was in the narrative that took place within the two main character’s internal thought-processes which were covered within the book.  This is, of course, something that would be very difficult to recreate on screen.  I feel the story became diluted because of this and could create problems with the understanding of the interactions between the two main characters especially if the viewer had not read the book!

Overall the film for me was ok.

It will, I am sure, pique the interest of people who may not have been aware of some of the basics of the BDSM/D/s lifestyle and provide them a platform with which to explore.

Those of us already involved and aware will then, potentially, encounter some of these people and maybe help them on their way to a better understanding.

If a film (and its potential sequels from the next two books) can encourage a dialogue into positive sexuality, in its many and varied forms, this can only be a good thing surely?



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